About the Weimaraner

"Frya" Cave Creek's Frya Von Bach, CD, JH, TD

To describe the unique temperament and qualities of a Weimaraner to someone who has never known one is a difficult task. Because of their total devotion to their owners, they can be aloof, cool, almost snobbish toward strangers. Only to have spent some time with a Weimaraner can one really appreciate the breed.

Highly intelligent, often times tending to be more human in nature than canine, is an accurate description. Coupled with their intelligence is their ability to be demanding, strong-willed and spiteful. Once you have established who is boss, they are an extremely devoted, responsive friend and companion with an uncanny ability to almost talk with their eyes and expressions. They feel they are and should be a part of the family and are best suited to this role in life.

Their charismatic, almost human temperament inspires unswerving allegiance and devotion. This can be attested to by the number of phone calls breeders receive from pet owners who have just lost their Weimaraner. These people, with no interest in breeding or showing, are willing to travel any distance or pay any price to find a successor to their dog. The two phrases most commonly heard are: "He was more than a dog; he was part of the family," and "He was more than a dog; he was my friend."

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They are a breed that you either love or hate. If you want a dog who is going to be very much a part of your life, demanding attention yet repaying you with complete devotion and companionship, you will love the breed. If you want a dog who sits quietly in the corner, waiting until you decide to pet him or say a kind word, you will hate the breed.

—Judy Colan

More information about the Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is a large, energetic dog. He requires a lot of exercise and a strong owner. Obedience training for your Weimaraner is a must! He needs a regular outlet for his intelligence and energy, and can become destructive if this is not provided.

He is highly intelligent, and very loyal. He can be standoffish with strangers, but quick to bond with his family. The Weimaraner is truly a family dog, and he does not do well when confined to a kennel. He is as at home sleeping on the couch as he is hunting in the fields.

Like all hunting breeds, the Weimaraner is known for bringing home smaller mammals and birds. Cats, squirrels, rabbits, birds...any small animal is fair game to the Weimaraner. If you are not able to understand that this is just one of many inherent aspects of the Weimaraner, then he is not the right dog for you.

The Weimaraner does best with gentle, but firm training methods. He is willing and eager to respond, and can excel at activities such as obedience, agility, tracking, etc.

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Steve Sieveking & Bianca hauling trees at Star Pines Christmas Tree Farm, 21298 Pleasant Hill Road, Boonville Missouri 2001

A Weimaraner is not a dog that you can "do nothing" with! He thrives on having a job! Working in the obedience ring, running an agility course, tracking, hunting, field work, carting (shown in the picture), or one of the other many activities you and your dog can do together, working with your dog will create a stronger relationship between you and your Weimaraner.

The effort and time spent working with your dog will result in a wonderful relationship, and a happy dog who is a wonderful addition to the family.


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