What can you do with a Weimaraner?

"Rocket" Ch Rocket of Sieveking's Farm, CDX, NSD, V

Rocket & Jamie Sieveking Squirrel Hunting, Prairie Home Missouri, 2003

There are many things that you and your Weimaraner can do together, and the Weimaraner Club of Greater St. Louis offers a variety of activities for you to become involved in.

A Weimaraner is not a dog that you can "do nothing" with! He thrives on having a job! Working in the obedience ring, running an agility course, tracking, hunting, field work...and more! There are many activities that you and your dog can do together. Working with your dog will create a stronger relationship between you and your Weimaraner

Below you will find several articles on various activies you and your Weimaraner can participate in. Contact the Weimaraner Club of Greater St. Louis to find out how to start working with your dog and building a stronger relationship!

Tracking, broadly defined is a dog finding and following scent and indicating the direction or path that scent follows.

This ability of the dog to use the amazing ability of the sense of smell with which it has been endowed, and then to share the information with humans is the essence of Tracking...MORE

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Field Trials
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